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Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

ISA is located in the center of Lee High School campus in the old main building. Parking is available in the main lot on Montview & Jackson Keller. Once you are parked, follow the signs from the parking lot to the ISA building. Due to construction, the walkway from the main Lee building across the courtyard to ISA is closed. Access the ISA building from the south side of the campus, through the doors that face the Lee cafeteria.



On Saturday, October 18, the MUNSA Secretariat held one of its major fundraising events: the MUNSA Vision Run 5K fun run/walk. Click here to read the press release.


ISA Hosts ISSN Conference

The principal of a new ISSN school observes ISA's ENGWHAP class.

A principal from a new ISSN school observes ISA's ENGWHAP class


On October 1, ISA welcomed administrators from 21 schools to a meeting of the Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network (ISSN). The administrators came from new ISSN schools in California, Colorado, Ohio, Texas, and Washington to visit classrooms, talk to students and teachers, and consult with ISA’s leadership. The ISSN, which started in 2003, seeks to support and guide schools who share its mission to provide an internationally-focused education facilitated by “engaging, inquiry based instruction, innovative uses of technology, opportunities for student travel and international exchanges, and a school culture that promotes a sense of belonging for every student” (ISSN website). According to ISSN Site Visit Coordinator Barbara Kelley, “this is the fifth year for this event, and we always bring them here. We can’t capture a culture. The principals have to see and feel it for themselves, which helps them to envision it on their own campuses.”

After a morning orientation, the administrators spent several hours observing multiple classes, often asking individual students questions about their work. The visitors then enjoyed a luncheon in ISA’s Sergiovanni Room, where they discussed ISA’s educational vision and practice with ISA students and teachers. In the afternoon session, the administrators discussed what they had observed and explored how they could support it in their own schools, consulting with ISSN leaders Kelley, Texas Regional Coordinator Meredith Wedin, and ISSN Associate Director Lisa Tyrrell. The conference concluded with an additional day of discussion and planning at a downtown hotel.

Asked about why the ISSN encourages its new members to visit ISA, Wedin explained that “We bring them here to see the work in action, to see the work that we do. ISA is our flagship, and much of our model is derived from practices that are integral to ISA.”


Applying to ISA

The application window for students wishing to enroll at ISA as ninth-graders in the fall of 2015 is now open! The application can be accessed from our Application Information page, which also lists important dates and deadlines. Students and parents/guardians who are interested in learning more about ISA can sign up now to participate in our Shadow Program. Additionally, NEISD hosts three events where eighth-grade students and their parents/guardians can find out more about all of NEISD's high school magnet programs. The dates for this year's sessions follow. All sessions will offer the same information.

Monday, October 20 at Bush MS
Monday, November 10 at Bradley MS (Note: date changed, original date was November 5)
Tuesday, December 2 at Krueger MS

For all three programs, food trucks will be stationed in the parking lot of the host campus from 5:00-6:30 PM. Magnet school breakout sessions take place from 6:30-8:30 PM.