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Student Linux Desktop!

2008-03-12 @ 00:01,


After piloting several different window managers, we decided to make KDE the default for our students on Linux. Our primary reason for doing this was the easily accessible kiosktool . It can be installed by typing:

# sudo apt-get install kiosktool

Kiosktool is a great application that allows you to lock down the desktop for specified users and/or groups.
For example, if you don't want any options to appear when a student right-clicks the desktop,
you can easily disable that particular desktop. It takes a little while to find the perfect balance between
classroom security and student flexibility, but with a little tweaking it can be achieved.

Kiosktool is not perfect!
One flaw that I noticed was that students were able to open up the Konsole and cd into the ~/Desktop
directory. From there they were able to delete, modify, and add icons. The simple workaround for this was
to type the following once the desktop is set up the way you would like it:

sudo chmod a-w /home/student/Desktop
(All of my students log in as username 'student')


We also have compiz-fusion installed on all of the student desktops. Nothing sells these kids on Linux faster than that awesome cube effect!