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Applications we Teach!

2008-03-12 @ 00:01,

    The range of software available on our Linux machines is constantly expanding. As we need programs, we have scripts that allow us to easily and quickly install applications throughout the the entire lab. Specifically, we use a program called apt-cacher.

    Essentially, apt-cacher allows us to install a large application, say several hundred megabytes, on a single machine and then use that machine as a local repository for the rest of the lab. So for the first installation it may take 45 minutes. However, for the subsequent 50-60 machines it can take less than 2 minutes because all of the prefetching has already been done.

Having said that, here is a list of the core programs we offer the students in our labs on both Windows and Linux:


The Gimp!

The Blender!

KDE Desktop!


VLC Media Player!