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About Our Program!

2008-03-12 @ 00:01,

At iMAK we presently have 2 computer labs outfitted with dual boot systems running Ubuntu/Gutsy - Windows XP.  We believe the system we've developed is unique and may serve as a model for educators interested in offering students a diverse, in-depth educational experience in their technology classes. We wish to share our ideas with teachers and IT professionals who are interested in offering open-source alternatives without sacrificing the comfort zone many feel is offered by Microsoft's Windows XP.

Our goal is to offer students an experience that will allow them to advance in high-school and succeed globally. We are constantly striving to stay on top of current technology trends and find creative ways to teach these trends to 12, 13, and 14-year-old students.

Take a look around and contact us with your comments, suggestions, and ideas.