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Our gym rules are as follows:

Healthy attitudes are essential.
Utilize your class time wisely.
Safety first-remember to respect others and equipment.
Keep trying in all that you do.
Improve your skills with practice.
Encourage others to be their best.
Sportsmanship & cooperation are the keys to success.

Students should always come to class ready to participate. RUBBER SOLED SHOES ARE ESSENTIAL FOR SAFETY. Shorts should be worn under dresses when necessary.

Skills Units and Events

Skills Unit
August Cooperation Games/Teamwork Activities  
September Ping Pong and Team Handball
School Rock Kick Off
October Bowling/Football Huebner Annual Field Day-
Oct 19th
November Basketball and Ball-Handling Skills
Fitness Gram Testing
December Dance, Rhythms Be your child's dance partner for the day. December 14th
January Showcase/Track/Jump Rope  
February Parachute and Tennis Go Kids Challenge Kick Off

Softball, Kickball

April Track and  Field Go Kids Challenge Victory Lap
May Golf/Game Weeks/Tetherball NEISD District Track 4th and 5th Grdae

**Watch for Family Game Nights