gifted & talented



The Elementary Gifted and Talented Program (G/T) is based on general intellect and encompasses the four core areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Identification of eligible students begins in Kindergarten when children are considered for G/T (K-2).  A teacher, parent, counselor, or administrator may nominate students for screening for G/T.  Nominations are to be submitted in writing to the G/T teacher during the child's first week of school. Persons requesting screening will be asked to provide test scores and other information about the child's academic abilities. Students nominated for G/T must meet screening requirements to be tested. If a child meets requirements for testing, the G/T teacher administers various other ability tests. After testing is completed, a selection committee composed of at least three district personnel trained in the identification of gifted and talented student, studies test results to decide if a child qualifies for the program. Once a student qualifies, he/she will attend the G/T class one day a week (number of hours vary with age group). There the child will experience the challenge of a differentiated academic curriculum balanced with the nurturing of a specially trained teacher for the gifted.