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kindergarten Curriculum

Huebner's Kindergarten incorporates a strong academic program through a rich, meaningful, and balanced curriculum of skills and information which encourages children to learn more. This child oriented program is designed especially to develop the readiness skills, good work habits, and acceptable social behaviors a child needs in order to be successful. 

At the beginning of the year, our primary focus is on behaviors essential to growth and learning: cooperation, courtesy, listening, following directions, sharing, participating, consideration, and respect for the needs and safety of self and others. As children mature and attention spans develop, emphasis swings from social and emotional growth to academic growth.

Academically, students will explore reading and writing skills (literacy) through the Building Blocks model of Literacy which incorporates phonics, phonemic awareness, and writing. They will develop math concepts through hands-on manipulatives, Math Their Way, Math Advantage, and Mountain Math and make observations about their world (science and social studies). We use computer programs to enhance all academic areas. Experiences in music, art and creative drama allow students to develop critical creative thinking skills through self-expression. 

The primary means of instruction is through experiments, role-play, literature, and centers. Pencil and paper activities are used primarily to measure and communicate progress to the parent after completion of our many exciting learning activities. This integrated curriculum affords the learner the opportunity to succeed. Students are actively involved in their learning, so they  will become independent, self-confident, and inquisitive learners.