Alternative Middle School

The Alternative Middle School is an alternative education program (AEP) that meets the statutory requirements of Texas Education Code Chapter 37.008.

Alternative Middle School strives daily to engage each individual student in relevant and rigorous academic pursuits. By mutual collaboration, our faculty envisions a nurturing and caring environment which gives shape to student empowerment by increasing students’ self-confidence, motivation and discipline. Positive relationships among and between students and faculty, assists our goal of providing the best academic, behavioral, and socially meaningful learning environment to each of our students every day.

Students are referred for placement at the Alternative Middle School (AMS) by the home school. Chapter 37.08  of the Texas Education Code and NEISD Board Policy define violations of the Student Code of Conduct which warrant placement in an AEP. The decision for placement in the Alternative Middle School  is made after a formal hearing with an NEISD hearing officer. The typical length of placement is for 30 school days.

A student assigned to AMS must withdraw from the home school prior to enrolling at AMS. A student must successfully complete the AMS assignment before he/she is permitted to return to the home campus.

The curriculum at AMS includes Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,  Social Skills, Physical Education, and STAAR Preparation.  Special Education services are provided for qualified students. 

For more information see the AMS Guidelines. (Guidelines are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format)

Middle School 2012-2013 Campus Plan


Picture of Alternative Middle School