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Office Title

Administration and Office

Office hours are 7:10 am until 4:00 pm, M – F
Classes are from 7:40 am until 2:40 pm, M – F

Deanna Jessop

djesso@neisd.net Teacher Web
Laura Bailey
Assistant Principal
lbaile@neisd.net Teacher Web
Julie Metcalf
jmetca@neisd.net Teacher Web
Lisa Roberts
lrober1@neisd.net *
CJ Johnson
Data Processor
cjohns31@neisd.net *
Jennifer Fest
Office Assistant
jfest@neisd.net *
Lupe Braid
gbraid@neisd.net Teacher Web
Melinda DeCastro
mdecas@neisd.net *

Welcome Falcon Department Phone Number
Office 210.407.4000
Fax 210.491.8432
Clinic 210.407.4037
Cafeteria 210.407.4008
Library 210.407.4004
KIN 210.407.4011
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