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nurse graphicOptimal learning requires good emotional and physical health.

School nurses have the professional education and skills to function successfully in both the educational and health care systems. The nurse serves as the child's advocate, evaluates individual children's needs, and recommends healthy solutions to both teachers and parents. The nurse can also identify potential emotional and physical problems in some children, acting as liaison with parents, physicians, specialists and community agencies. During the course of the school year, the nurse will direct a variety of screening programs that evaluate vision, hearing, dental, height and weight, and spinal development. Check out the KidsConnect online health and medical resources.

The PTA also supports health, nutrition, and safety programs with a variety of workshops, classroom activities, and special projects throughout the year. Programs such as HEALS (Health Education Awareness Learning and Services) and ADEPT/Drug Awareness Week focus on the family commitment to drug and alcohol prevention.  A Family Health Fair in January of even-numbered years and outdoor health and recreational events, such as Bike Safety Assembly and the Bike Rodeo, are funded and coordinated by PTA volunteers.


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