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Greetings from the Forest,     

Here are the latest updates and announcements:

Attention 5th Grade Parents:
Bradley Middle School is opening their doors to all incoming 5th gr. students this Tuesday, April 8th from 5:30-7:30 for their Annual Spring Social.  Please see the attached flyer for more details.  

No Visitors Please:

Our campus will be “closed” for STAAR Testing to ALL visitors/volunteers on April 22nd and 23rd.  During these days, only Hidden Forest employees and students will be permitted on campus. Please make arrangements to volunteer as a parent reader, celebrate your child’s birthday, bring lunch, etc. on alternate dates.

Habit of the Week: Habit #3 ~ Put First Things First

Quote of the Week: “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”  ~ Charlie Batch

Home Connection: It is important to know how to prioritize daily and weekly activities at home and at school and be able to understand the difference between what is an important activity and an urgent activity. A great skill is the ability to manage your time and we can work together to help our children learn this. Organizational skills are essential for success and if you are organized you can pack more into your day, your week and beyond.
This weekend or another time, make list of things your family has to do and wants to do. Cut those out and sort according to priority and then get started on putting first things first!

Our attendance goal for the ’13 – ’14 school year is to maintain an Average Daily Attendance (ADA) of 97.4%.  Our ADA for last week was 98.1%.

Nutrition Nuggets – April
Bradley Spring Social – April 8th

Upcoming Events:
(Please check our calendar for upcoming events.)

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Nutrition Nuggets - April  



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