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About Music:

In Music classes at Hidden Forest, each child’s imagination and creativity can flourish.  Song, movement, and playing instruments are key components of success for students in all areas of their lives.  

Experiences derived from the Orff-Schulwerk, Kodaly, and the Weikart Method provide children the framework for improvisation in music and movement. Using icons as well as standard notation, students read and write music for their own gratification as well as music to share with others.  While the children develop musical abilities, they also develop some mature human abilities such as self-discipline and confidence.  All students attend music classes twice each week.

Special music programs and concerts are presented throughout the year by specific grade levels or ensembles.  This year’s volunteer, after-school ensembles include the fourth and fifth gradeand fifth grade students may also participate in NEISD's music program, Strings.


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