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About Gifted and Talented:

Gifted students need a qualitatively differentiated program that is advanced, complex, and in-depth. With the challenge to reach and teach gifted children in mind, the core values of the NEISD Gifted & Talented Program were designed to facilitate the optimal development of each student's intellectual and creative gifts. The curriculum is accelerated by 2-3 years, and subjects and method of instruction are augmented by additional studies, collaborative and individual projects, challenging assignments, and field trips.

A trained teacher provides a stimulating learning environment that strengthens the student's potential for complex interpersonal and intra-personal development. A variety of classroom methods including Socratic dialogue, abstract thinking, higher-level reasoning, and self-evaluation are employed with the objective to expand the capabilities of these students. 

Students are identified for inclusion in the G.T. program at third grade, and tested annually. Assessment of potential to actual progress is measured.


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