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Third Grade Curriculum

Students now begin to put it all together! This year they can experience an exciting and wide variety of enriching programs that are not only fun but help each student begin to develop and demonstrate higher ordered and critical thinking skills vital to future academic growth.

Students master many math skills at this grade level. Strengthened with excellent classroom tools such as the math textbook and Mountain Math, students develop proficiency in computation, while hands-on Investigations and Marilyn Burns/Dinah Zike units integrate higher level thinking skills. Classes participate in diverse activities that emphasize increasingly complex problem solving, probability, and other math strategies.

The long-anticipated Westward Ho! Day is held each spring. Students spend many weeks learning about the lives of our pioneer ancestors through a tightly integrated curriculum of social science, language arts, history, geography, art, and music. Students apply cooperative learning, leadership, and decision-making skills in their "family" groups, and plan a special day’s activities in poems, songs, and games. They dress up in historic pioneer costumes for the event and prepare an authentic trail cookout for their real families and guests.

The pride and accomplishment our students feel as they advance in their reading and writing add depth and texture to the language arts program. The Four Blocks Literacy Model of instruction will be incorporated this year. Monthly Reading Minutes are logged for individual and class prizes. Book reports and presentations on biographies, hobbies, special interests, our government, and foreign countries create enthusiasm in these young readers. Units on story writing, poetry, and publishing round out the Language Arts curriculum. Students feel special, too, when they are able to spend time with their "buddy" students in another grade level. They continue to build on their knowledge of basic conversational Spanish.

Third graders begin to develop a greater awareness of the physical world through F.O.S.S. and USI Science classroom activities, the Science Lab, field trips, and their after-school club, Young Scientists. This year, the focus is on geology, elemental physics, energy, and the solar system.    

Our students make great leaps throughout this year, acquiring mastery in academic and arts activities that build confidence and pride in achievement for years to come.


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