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The teachers have synergized and have recommended websites and skills for Math and Reading that students could work on this summer to prepare for their upcoming school year. The skills listed for the grade level are skills your child will be working on at the beginning of that year. For example, if your child is going into Kinder, you will look at the Kinder resources.

You can also help your child Be Proactive and visit sites listed for other grade levels since most sites offer learning opportunities for all levels.

Kindergarten Math Skills Math Websites
Recognize and count #1-20 www.ABCya.com
Builds sets to represent combinations up to 10 FunBrain
One to One correspondence http://www.cookie.com
Reading Skills Reading Websites
popcorn words www.pbskids.org
letter sounds/sounds www.ABCya.com
rhyming/Blending sounds to make words www.hubbardscupboard.com

First Grade Math Skills Math Websites
Write numbers to 100 coolmath4kids.com
Count to 100 mathtoybox.com
Know addition facts.  Sums to 7 Guess My Number
Reading Skills Reading Websites
Know all letters and letter sounds spellingcity.com
Know all Kinder popcorn words starfall.com
Be able to blend sounds
c-a-t = cat

Second Grade Math Skills Math Websites
Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20 Money Metropolis
Recognizing and Counting Cointing sets of coins to 25 cents Math Doodles SumStacker
Ten Frames NCTM Illuminations Ten Frames
Place Value: hundreds, tens, ones HoodaMath
Reading Skills Reading Websites
Context Clues/Vocabulary Multiple Meaning Words
Decoding Word Strategies KidsSpell.com
Reading 15-20 minutes a day KS1 Bitesize


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