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The teachers have synergized and have recommended websites and skills for Math and Reading that students could work on this summer to prepare for their upcoming school year. The skills listed for the grade level are skills your child will be working on at the beginning of that year. For example, if your child is going into Third Grade, you will look at the Third Grade resources.

You can also help your child Be Proactive and visit sites listed for other grade levels since most sites offer learning opportunities for all levels.

Third Grade Math Skills Math Websites

addition (basic facts up to 12+12, combinations that equal 10, regrouping)

FunBrain Tens
subtraction (basic facts, 2-digit with regrouping) Math Playground
place value (up to the thousands place)

IXL Counting and Number Patterns

Reading Skills Reading Websites
Word Wall Words read and spelled correctly Spelling City
comprehension Ticket to Read
Fun English Games
text features Classroom Jeopardy

Fourth Grade Math Skills Math Websites
multiplication practice - up to 12 Xs Facts
Multiplication Games
Basic Facts Practice FunBrain.com
Place Value FunBrain - Tens
Reading Skills Reading Websites
Spelling Practice
FunBrain - Spelling
Parts of Speech FunBrain - Grammar
Root Words FunBrain - Root Words

Fifth Grade Math Skills Math Websites

multiplication/division facts to 12


subtract across 0’s


multiply 2d x 2d

Khan Academy

divide 3d x 1d

Learning Games for Kids

Reading Skills Reading Websites
vocabulary Time Magazine for Kids
main idea ReadWorks.org
summarize Interactive Study Guide

Builds Vocabulary

PBS Reading

5th Grade Vocabulary Games
Inferring Skills


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