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Kinder Curriculum

Did you know that the word KINDERGARTEN means “child's garden?”

Welcome to our own special children’s garden in the Forest!  We are located inside the building right across from the school’s garden!   The focus of the Hidden Forest kindergarten program is on teaching our students rich, meaningful, and balanced curriculum of skills and information to encourage them to want to learn more.  Kindergarten helps children develop the readiness skills, good work habits, and acceptable social behaviors they will need to become successful and well- adjusted students.

Kindergarten is a fully integrated curriculum utilizing thematic units.  These units integrate all subject areas including reading, phonics, writing, math, social studies, science, and health.  Our days also include instruction in music, physical education, Spanish, art, technology in the computer lab, and story time in the library.  This curriculum meets the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and the NEISD Standards.

The “Building Blocks” language program includes 6 basic components of instruction:
1) the desire to read and write; 2) language concepts; 3) print concepts; 4) phonemic awareness; 5) interesting words; 6) and letters and sounds  (see the Building Blocks link to find out more.)

We also visit “The Land of the Letter People” to learn the letter names and their sounds.

Kindergartners’ math skills are developed through programs such as TERC INVESTIGATIONS, MATH THEIR WAY, DROPS IN THE BUCKET, and also MATH ADVANTAGE an elementary level math program recently adopted by the state. Daily use of manipulatives help kindergartners become successful at patterns, counting and numbers, geometry, measurement, probability and statistics (graphing), and problem solving (addition and subtraction).

We find our students fun, interesting and enthusiastic, and we love starting them on their life-long journey to learning!  


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