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Fourth Grade Curriculum

The focus at this grade level is on communication. Students begin to develop and polish all forms of communication skills and use these skills to explore and analyze their world through social studies, science, and extracurricular activities.

The district-developed fourth grade writing curriculum is broken into specific building blocks of Informative Narrative (the "how to"), Expressive Narrative Writing (the story), and Informative Classificatory (comparison and contrast). Students also learn the art of Persuasive Writing. Interweaving all elements of the language arts program, each student will write and illustrate a book in the spring. The Four Blocks Literacy Model is the framework used for teaching reading and writing.

The Spanish program introduces more complex language elements at this level. Science units are more challenging, too, and students conduct real-world experiments in the Science Lab. Their annual class Science Fair is held in March and open to students, teachers and parents.

Texas history takes center stage in social studies this year, and students plan trips to the Alamo, the San Antonio area missions, or museums. Visiting Author and Guest Storytellers share real frontier stories about famous Texans and Americans.

Extracurricular activities are also emphasized as students complement their academic programs with participation in a variety of after school clubs. Falcon Choir and two trips to the San Antonio Symphony enrich their music studies.

Service to the school is important, too, as Student Safety Patrols are chosen in April and trained by the fifth graders in May.


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