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First Grade Curriculum

First Grade is an important year for our students! Students take big steps toward the goal of independent thinking. They will acquire many academic and social skills at this important developmental level.

Developing confident and motivated young readers is the academic focus of the first grade teachers. We have successfully implemented the Four Blocks Literacy language arts program. Students are immersed in a wide variety of literacy-developing activities in each of the Four Blocks: Guided Reading, Self-Selected Reading, Working With Words, and Writing. Each block also allows individual students to work on his or her level to achieve success and continue growth. Students also begin to express elemental thoughts and feelings through daily journal entries. The popular Reading Restaurant, held during Texas Public Schools Week in the spring and to which parents are invited as "customers," offers students the chance to showcase their new skills from a menu of reading choices.

First graders in the Spanish program learn elemental words, colors, and simple conversational expressions put to song and dance.

In the math program, young students are introduced to hands-on methods from the Envisions and Investigations learning programs. Math tasks are modeled on children’s real world experiences, such as counting, separating, and grouping. They will learn to tell time, to count money, and divide objects into equal sections. As students learn skills related to their world, comprehension is accelerated and mastery achieved. Concepts are developed concretely to gain a thorough understanding before moving on to abstract problem solving.
In social studies, first graders use thematic units in conjunction with the text, Adventures in Time, to immerse themselves in history, geography, and citizenship as they begin to think of themselves as participants in our larger community.

The world of science is also hands-on exploration with F.O.S.S. kits and AIMS activities to supplement the learning experience. Our Science Lab provides challenging science activities and hands-on experiences.

An enriching complement of arts, music, and physical movement and dance programs enhance the academic programs that will set these students on a course of life-long learning.


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