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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt


School Mascot: Peregrine Falcon

School Colors: Forest Green and White

School Enrollment: 592 students

School Teachers and Staff:59

School Mission: At Hidden Forest, we inspire our young leaders to embrace a lifelong love of learning and be productive members of our world.


Hidden Forest Elementary School opened in the fall of 1978. We serve the needs of the students living in the communities of Hidden Forest, Hill Country Village, Hollywood Park, River Bend, Racquet Club, Mission Ridge, Blanco Woods, Canyon Oaks, Blanco Bluffs, Canyon Creek Estates, Canyon Creek Village, Bluffview Greens, Hidden Heights, and Panther Springs, Walker Ranch, Bitters Bend, Talavera Apartments, and Walker Ranch Apartments.


Exceptional in every way, Hidden Forest boasts a state and national award-winning PTA and parent volunteer program, a supportive community, parents who value excellence in education, and teachers and staff committed to the highest standard of performance. Our Campus Improvement Council develops performance objectives and assists the principal with site-based decisions that affect both teachers and students. It is composed of administrators, district and campus staff, teachers, parents, and business and community representatives.


Hidden Forest Elementary is proud of its student body, where high academic achievement is the norm. Many students have received Presidential Certificates for outstanding achievement on both standardized tests and individual report cards. On norm referenced tests, Hidden Forest students perform extremely well.


Another proud accomplishment of Hidden Forest Elementary is that it has been selected as a 2001 and 2007 Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education. The Blue Ribbon, the most prestigious education award in the country, distinguishes Hidden Forest Elementary for its excellence in leadership, teaching, curriculum, student achievement, parent involvement, and community support. In 2007, Hidden Forest was only one of only 264 elementary schools nationwide and one of 32 in Texas chosen for this exemplary recognition.


To learn more about the Blue Ribbon award click here.


Hidden Forest Philosophy


At Hidden Forest, we are committed to building our student leaders! Hidden Forest provides a comprehensive educational environment, both stimulating and nurturing, that enables each child to achieve maximum emotional, social, intellectual and physical success. We believe that parents and the community share with educators the responsibility for developing our children into the best people they can become, enabling them to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Our staff provides each child the acceptance, support and encouragement that will nurture the growth of a positive self-concept that is the foundation for all future learning. Further, we believe that our stimulating educational environment provides numerous opportunities that encourage thinking, questioning, exploring, and creating that will develop in each child a life-long interest in learning.

By implementing a multi-faceted program with both individual and group instruction, we guide our children through a challenging process in acquiring the basic tools of learning and developing the art of communication. We believe that Hidden Forest will also change, grow, and adapt through the years to the varied needs of the students, the community and a changing American society.


We dedicate these pages to you: Our families, friends, other students, and education professionals. And ... to all who love children, who value education, and who respect the integrity and worth of each individual. Share with us!


Important Telephone Numbers


  • Office - 210.407.4000
  • Fax - 210.491.8432
  • Library - 210.407.4004
  • Clinic - 210.407.4037
  • Cafeteria - 210.407.4008
  • KIN - 210.407.4011