Harris Middle School Cell Phone Policy



Cell phones and paging devices are allowed on campus during the instructional day or while attending school-sponsored activities during school hours, on or off school property, including school transportation, as long as the devices are concealed and powered off during the instructional day (8:10-3:25pm).  The only time the phones may be turned on during the school day is when they are being used as a technology resource for approved academic purposes.


Camera phones and inappropriate use of cell phones shall be subject to disciplinary measures that will range from a warning up to an assignment to an Alternative Educational Program in cases of serious, and/or persistent misbehavior.


A student’s cell phone or other electric device is subject to search when a school administrator has reasonable suspicion that a student has violated or is violating either the law or school/district rules/policies or procedures. Wireless communication devices will be confiscated if they become a disruption or distraction to the learning environment. Using any device that permits recording the voice or image of another in any way that either disrupts the education environment, invades the privacy of others, or is made without the prior consent of the individuals being recorded is prohibited.


Violation of the procedures will result in parent conference and may result in other discipline consequences.