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Beautiful Totem Poles Made With Reused Materials Decorate Our Outdoor Classroom
Hardy Oak Elementary School's Art Cart volunteers helped second through fifth graders create totem poles. Totem poles are super tall sculptures made from the trunk of a tree, usually cedar. The designs are usually stylized animals done in an abstract and bold way. The poles often include animals common in the Pacific Northwest like bears, eagles, whales, salmon, owls, wolves, etc. These animals have lots of symbolism that is usually specific to certain clans. 

 The Totems told the clans stories and was a physical representation or symbol of the clan. Hardy Oak's totem poles were a collaborative project in which each child created their own section of the totem pole to reflect them and their personality. The volunteers then built the totem poles to reflect each class and labeled them as such. This project tells a story about the class and what makes them unique and special, both individually and as a whole.

Hornets Participate in the Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is a one hour introduction to Computer Science. Students of all ages experienced computer coding through fun tutorials and both off-line and on-line activities.  Visit to learn more and continue the fun!

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