Special Education Department

Special Education Campus Coordinator - Holly Murphy

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Special Education Faculty

Danielle Combs

Amy Campbell Lab/Co- Teacher

Olimpia Calaway


E. Anne Cervantes


Katie Farrimond

Occupational Therapist

Julie Walker


Norma Ortiz

Pam Issacs Co-Teacher
Tom Metzroth Redirection Teacher

John Sanders

ALE Teacher

Juanita Whitley

ALE Teacher


     The Special Education Department at Garner is a support system for the general education program. We offer a wide range of Special Education programs/service.  We are equipped to meet the needs of the diverse population in a least restrictive environment.

     The programs/services that are provide are Lab Class, Self-Contained Class, Adapted Physical Education, Alternative Learning Environment (A.L.E.), and Speech and Language Therapy.


Lab Class

A special education teacher in a resource class setting instructs students with learning difficulties as necessary when they are unable to achieve district mastery criteria in regular, remedial, or modified classes in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies.

Self-Contained Class

A special education teacher in a self-contained classroom instructs students with disabilities on a full-day basis with students receiving all instruction from the special education teacher or other related service personnel such as speech therapists or occupational therapists.  Integration from the self-contained class into regular aspects of the school curriculum is made available and achieved in accordance with individual student strengths or needs.

Adapted Physical Education

The adapted physical education program has been designed to provide students with developmental disabilities the opportunity to enhance the quality of life, community living, and the recreational environment.  The program promotes the development of motor and related skills through a process in which the unique needs of each student with a disability are determined by the integration of appropriate assessment, programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

Alternative Learning Environment (A.L.E.)

 Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy is the identification and /or language disorders.  The program is designed to provide speech and language services to students ages 3-21 who meet specific eligibility criteria.  Services are provided by licensed, or TEA. certified speech-language pathologist who possesses a Master's Degree.