Animated Violin and Notes

Supply List

Animated Violin and Notes

1.  Instrument, case, bow:  Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass

        Students are measured for the correct size of instrument and a list of music dealers for rental and purchase is sent home at the beginning of the year.  Students are expected to provide their own instrument and supplies.  Only a few school instruments, mostly cellos and basses are available for use.  A district-wide maintenance fee is required from students using school owned instruments.

2.  Shoulder Rest required for violins and violas (Suggested brands:  
     KUN, Artino, VIVA, Not Resonans)

3.  Rock Stop required for cellos and basses:  various brands and types

4.  Wire folding stand for home practice and off campus concerts.

5.  3-Ring Binder for music, set of dividers (plastic sheet protectors,
     optional but very helpful for organizing music.

6.  Pencil and Highlighter on the stand at each rehearsal/class period for
      marking music.

7.  Rosin

8.  Soft cloth for cleaning rosin off

9.  Extra set of strings for emergencies:  Violin and Viola:  (Pro-Arte,
     Dominant, Super-Sensitive)

10. Essential Elements for Strings:

       Orchestra I--Book I

       Orchestra II--Book II

       Orchestra III--Book III

     Please label everything with your child's name on it. Supplies need to be easily identified when they leave them if they are labeled.

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