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Special Diets AND
   Food Allergens

The School Nutrition Services staff has access to educational resources and staff that are trained in nutrition, food labeling and food production. The School Nutrition Services staff role is to communicate with the school staff, cafeteria staff and parents what allergens exist on the school menus as well as diet modifications for specific documented needs. Nutritional analysis of food items available and common allergy information can be found on the School Nutrition Services web site.  Any specific information needed concerning ingredients in food products and recipes can be obtained by contacting the Nutrition Education/Wellness Coordinator at School Nutrition Services. 

For students with special diet needs, the Meal Modification Request form found on the School Nutrition Services web site must be submitted to the District yearly by the parent or guardian.  Meal modification requests expire at the end of the school year and must be submitted yearly. 

The responsibilities of School Nutrition Services are:

  • Annually review food labels
  • Note allergens on student meal account after medical documentation is received
  • Make menu accommodations as needed for life threatening allergens or medical conditions. School Nutrition Services staff will follow a list of standard substitutions for common food allergens
  • Provide nutrient analysis including the carbohydrate content of menu items for diabetic management
  • Provide information to the parent or guardian of the nutritional value and/or ingredient content of food available in the school cafeteria upon request
  • School Nutrition Services will not make menu accommodations based on religious or food preferences


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Phone: (210) 356-9100 │ Fax: (210) 657-8920


Updated 9/10/15