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fine arts - Outdoor Education awards


San Antonio Water Systems - Water Saver Award for Education

Texas Environmental Education Partnership Award - Best Environmental Education Program

Texas Environmental Excellence Awards - Education

School Habitats

Six schools currently have School Habitats on their campus to use for field investigations: Alternative Center School - 98 students, Madison 2,925 students, Driscoll 1,635 students, East Terrell Hills 500 students, Larkspur 672 students, Wilshire 428 students

Staff Development/Workshops:

56 representatives attended the School Habitat Development, Project Wild and Project Learning Tree workshops

John Knox Ranch 5th Grade Program

18 schools, 1,598 students have participated in the 2-1/2 day field investigation program.

Field Studies

Walker Ranch Historic Landmark Park, Natural Areas Parks and Botanical Gardens, 250 students

Honey Creek 3rd Grade Program

1,125 students have participated in a one-day field investigation in a unique natural area