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fine arts - Journalism

Information is the basis of the NEISD journalism program. Students meet the challenge of collecting news, interviewing sources, researching topics, shooting photos and videos and publishing them.

Emphasis is placed on accuracy as well as publication quality. Students are challenged with gathering accurate information and disseminating it quickly into the public to keep them informed. They are the only history keepers who record the entire school year for future readers.

Goals for the program

· To keep NEISD parents, students and teachers informed about news of the world, city and district.

Awards and Honors

· UIL Journalism: NEISD has advanced a competitor to State for the last several years.

· UIL Journalism, NEISD has won the district title for the past several years.

· Awards & Honors: Many state-ranking newspapers and yearbooks as well as a national pacemaker winner in newspaper and yearbooks.