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North East MIddle Schools Shine At One-Act Play COntest

Congratulations to all NEISD middle schools for a remarkable and successful one-act play contest. Actors, crew members, and directors exemplified the beauty of the creative process as they worked together to stage the excellent productions presented this past week-end.

Monumental kudos go to Mrs. Stolhandske, theatre director Lauren Morales-Davenport, and the Nimitz staff for their gracious hosting of this two-day event.

Judges' Awards were as follows:

Large School Division:
1st Place - Bradley - "Women of Lockerbie"
2nd Place - Lopez - "Triangle"
3rd Place - Bush - "The Outsiders"
Best Actor - Bush -Jackson Hager

Best Actress - Bradley - Olivia Landreth

Small School Division:
1st Place - Garner - "The Diviner"
2nd Place - Nimitz - "Kochenderfer's Dracula"
3rd Place - Ed White - "Lockdown"
Best Actor - Garner - Frederick Jones
Best Actress - Nimitz - Elise Cantu

Additional acting awards in the large school category were as follows:
All-Star Cast: Ericka Vasquez (Ike), Erica Martinez (Lopez), Peyton Willis (Tejeda), Bria Griffin (Harris), Taylor Winn (Bush), Juliette Wyatt (Bradley), Devyn Darmsteffer (Ike), Dain Denham (Harris)

Honorable Mention: Giselle Alanis (Bush), Micaela Cowper (Bradley), McCann Turner (Ike), Lexie Wilder (Lopez), Susana Gutierrez (Lopez), Mia Welch (Tejeda), Ian Archer (Harris), Adin Wright (Tejeda)

Additional acting awards in the small school category were as follows:
All-Star Cast: Meriam Elawad (Krueger), Nicholas Norris (White), Justin Philips (Driscoll), Emily Kern (Jackson), Hannah Mayer (Wood), Michael Ellis (Garner), Joseph Chavez (White), Isai Elizondo (Nimitz)

Honorable Mention: Sarai Love (Krueger), Tibian Elsheikh (White), Jaidyn Allen (Driscoll), Theron Boyer (Jackson), Jonathan Moses (Jackson), Noa Stevens (Wood), Valita Rodriguez (White), Gabriel Samandi (Nimitz)

Honor crew awards were selected by the directors of each school and are as follows:
Kenny Strawn (Ike), Regina Aguirre (Lopez), Justin Wilder (Tejeda), Malia Makaea (Harris), Jordan Pennell (Bush),Mindia MarcKnight (Bradley), Alesandra Jauregui (Driscoll), Henry McClure (Garner), Marina Stovall (White), Violet Ashelin (Krueger), Cesar De la Canal (Jackson), Averi Creel (Wood), George Medina (Nimitz)

Congratulations to these students and the entire casts & crews for their outstanding work.​

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Posted on March 6, 2014