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Tejeda Wins Multiple awards for Yearbook

Tejeda Middle School recently added a few new awards to their name. First time yearbook advisers Clair Hicks and Mikel Stroud are proud to announce that they have received three outstanding awards for their 2011-2012 Legacy yearbook. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association recognized Tejeda’s yearbook as a Silver Medalist award winner. The National Scholastic Press Association, judging in several categories, gave the Legacy a First Class ranking with Two Marks of Distinction in Coverage and Photography.  Most recently, the American Scholastic Press Association awarded their efforts with a First Place award.


The 2012 Legacy was made up of six sections. Staff and advisors chose to create a new section titled “Service and Leadership.” T-Wolf staffers felt strongly about highlighting the ambitious service projects and leadership organizations that help set our school apart from others.

Students also voted to have a doodle graphic theme where each page would have a graphic design, featuring spaces where students, themselves, can doodle and record their personal experiences. “As a teacher, I see doodling throughout my student work and thought it would be a fun endeavor to incorporate that into their yearbook,” admits Stroud. Even the yearbook itself, receives doodles from friends signing goodbyes, thank you’s and silly jokes. Last year, we actually encouraged the doodles, the mustaches, and the memories, because it aided in keeping with the theme and flow of the book.


 “We found our first year to be both challenging and rewarding,” stated Hicks. “We had no idea how close our group of 25 eighth graders would become when the year began.” Mrs. Hicks and Ms. Stroud would like to thank the staff of 2011-2012 for their hard work and commitment to making this book. “We achieved success in feeling like a family, working together, playing together, and most importantly, reaching our goals together,” said Stroud.

Tejeda 2012 Yearbook

Posted on January 22, 2013