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Middle School UIL One-Act Play Contest

DATE: Feb 28 (zone I), Mar 1 (Zone II)
TIME: 2:00 pm (Feb 28), & 9:00 Am (Mar 1)
LOCATION: Nimitz Middle School

Nimitz Middle School will be hosting the University Interscholastic League's Middle School One-Act Play Contest February 28 (Zone 1) and March 1 (Zone 2) at the Nimitz Middle School Auditorium. Awards and critiques will follow shortly after the final performance on both evenings. This event is free and open to the public. Below is the schedule of performances.      

Middle School One Act Play


“Students will have the opportunity to work in all aspects of the production of a 40-minute play. During the production of the play they will be able to satisfy the competitive, artistic spirit with friendly rivalry among schools, emphasizing high quality performance in this creative art; to foster appreciation of good acting, good directing and good drama; to promote interest in that art form most readily usable in leisure time during adult life; to learn to lose or win graciously, accepting in good sportsmanship the judge's decision and criticism with a view to improve future productions; and to increase the number of schools that have adopted theatre arts as an academic subject in school curricula.” Retrieved from


For more information contact Diana Schumacher @ 210-407-0353


Posted on February 26, 2014