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MacArthur Choir Presents Beasts and Beings: Pop Show 2014

DATE: May 22 &23
TIME: 7:00 Pm
LOCATION: Brady Memorial Auditorium, MacArthur High School, 2923 MacArthur View


MacArthur Choirs will present their annual pop show on May 22nd and 23rd 7:00 pm in the Brady Memorial Auditorium.  The evening is titled Beasts and Beings: Pop Show 2014 and will feature songs of animals, creatures and other beings. 

Each evening will feature group performances by the MacArthur Choirs as well as small acts and and solo selections by outstanding members of the choir program.

Song selections will include: Blackbird, Dog Days, She Wolf, Walk the Dinosaur, Rockin’ Robin, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, The Fox, and many more!

Tickets are $5 and will be available at the door.MacArthur Choir Presents Beast and Beings: Pop Show 2014

For more information on Pop Show or the MacArthur Choral Program, Contact: Matt Woodward ( or Caitlyn Griffith-cgriff5@neisd.neT


You can also follow us on Twitter@MacArthurChoir.



Posted on April 17, 2014