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Check out these FREE literacy apps for iPhone/iPad!


123AbcMini (K-2)

Students practice differentiating numbers and letters. Numbers and letters fall down. Students sort numbers into a calculator and the letters into a book.


Pocket Phonics (K-2)

Students practice letters and sounds. A sound is said and the letter shown. Students trace the letter. Then students are asked to touch the letters that match the sounds said to form a word.


Dot to Dot Number Whiz (Math) (K-2)

Students practice counting. There are different levels of difficulty. Students connect the dots in number order to reveal a picture. The numbers are said as students connect the dots.


My First Words (K)

These are flashcards in different categories with a picture and word.


ABC Phonics (K-2)

Students can practice writing letters and words to go with a picture. They can choose different pictures and colors to write with.


Sight Words Free (K-3)

This app has word flashcards, word spelling, unscramble the words, and a playland. It has sound do students can hear the words too.


ABC Free (K-1)

Each letter of the alphabet has a picture of a keyword. The letter is said along with the keyword and sound.


Nook Kids (K-5)

This is an app to download e-books from Barnes and Noble. There are some free books that you can download for kids to read.


MEEGenius (K-3)

There are some free picture books. Students can listen to the story. The words are highlighted as it is read.


Read Me Stories (K-3)

There is a new free book everyday and they stay in your “library” for kids to read and listen to. Each page just has a few lines of text. There are both fiction and nonfiction books.


Bob Books Reading Magic Lite (K-2)

This is a great phonics app but it doesn’t have very many activities without buying the full version. Students have to move letters to spell cvc words that go with a picture. The words are then put into a sentence on a book page.


3D Words (3-5)

Making words. Students are given some letters and have to make words with the letters. There is a scramble option and students can play timed or untimed.


Treasure Hunt (2-3)

Students help a pirate find his treasure by completing different tasks such as setting a clock and making words.


Blackboard Sight Words (K-2)

The sight words can be flashed on the screen or scrambled and students have to make the word. The only list that is free is a Pre-Primer List so the words are mostly 3 letters.


ICDL (K-5)

There are lots of free books from different countries. There are different age levels that books are listed under. Most of the books are classic stories.


Word Abacus (3-5)

Making words using an abacus.


Word Pop! Free (3-5)

Like an online version of the game Boggle but it is untimed.


Kinderspell (K-1)

Students have to spell 3 letter words that go with a picture.


Jumbline 2 (3-5)

Making words. Students have to make the word with all the letters to move on to the next level. Students can also touch a word made to get the definition.


ABC Reading (K-1)

There is a level for blending, reading, and segmenting. Students hear the sounds and then touch a box for each sound. A picture is shown to go with each word. There are also video directions showing how to play.


Magic School Bus Lite Oceans (3-5)

An interactive Magic School Bus book about the ocean.


ABC Magic 2 (K-1)

Says each sound of the alphabet and pictures that start with that sound.