ETA Student Chosen Out 20,000 To Represent LULAC & LNESC

Theodore Roosevelt high school senior, Jamie Turcios-Villalta was selected (out of 20,000 applicants in the state) to representTexas at the LULAC and LNESC Washington Youth Leadership Seminar held September 30th-October 5th. This program selects one student per state to work on public policy issues affecting the Latino community and an opportunity to meet with national leaders from Congress, Corporate America, and other institutions. Students were also given the opportunity to present their research. Jamie Turcios-Villalta presented her Upconversion of Rare Earth Nanoparticles from Photobiomodulation research during her stay in Washington D.C.

During her stay in Washington D.C, Jamie Turcios-Villalta spoke to countless politicians such as Senator Bernie Sanders and Texas Representative Lloyd Doggett. She addressed the importance of the re-authorization of the Higher Education Act. “The Higher Education Act is vital and needs to be revised in order to provide students with the proper education that will ready them for college and the workforce,” says Jamie Turcios.

Selected to speak at the annual LULAC and LNESC Gala in Washington D.C, Jamie Turcios-Villalta gave a moving speech in regards to the Higher Education Act. Her speech influenced hundreds of people. Concluding her speech the President of the League of United Latin American Citizen’s asked her to return to the stage once again. In a spontaneous moment, LULAC Councils, senators, doctors, and congressman started pledging funds for her tuition. In fifteen minutes, pledges in excess of $27,000 were collected. She was rewarded with a $27,500  college scholarship for her influential speech, addressing the importance of political participation and youth advocacy. After she graduates from Roosevelt High School/ETA, Jamie hopes to attend the University of California Berkeley majoring in biomedical engineering

The Engineering & Technologies Academy is a college preparatory magnet program on the campus of Roosevelt High School. ETA provides a specialized curriculum with rigor and relevance for students wanting a future in Engineering and or the Technologies related to them. Students are exposed to college level curriculum that will allow them to earn dual credit and be involved in professional level competition up to the National Level.

ETA is an E-12 school; this recognition means that ETA has been selected as one of twelve schools in the State of Texas to be part of the Engineering E-12 mentor program at Texas A&M University. Each summer there is a summer camp for these students to interact with engineering professors as well as give them the support needed to receive scholarships and acceptance to Texas A&M in the School of Engineering.

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