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Instructional Technology

The North East Educator Technology Standards

Technology Applications Standards I-V for All Beginning Teachers have been required by SBEC since 2000. The North East Educator Technology Standards incorporate SBEC Technology Applications Standards I-V. The North East Technology Services delineates these standards into three levels of proficiency: Foundations, Basic, and Intermediate. The methods and instructional approaches in Standard V are continuing threads that are embedded in all three levels.

The Technology Services Department offers classes and curriculum corresponding to each level of technology proficiency listed above through the ATrain Learning Management System. New classes have been developed based on the North East Educator Technology Standards. Teachers are able to personalize their own professional development to address their technology needs.  In addition, teachers should use the Innovation Configuration as a planning and reflection tool. Campus administrators should also use this tool to help them recognize the different levels of technology use in any particular classroom.

 The timeline for North East educators to achieve proficiency in each level of the North East Educator Technology Standards is as follows:

Proficiency Level

Target Date


2006 - 2008


2007 - 2009


2008 - 2010

An online assessment tool for the Foundations Level proficiency was piloted during the spring of 2006. In accordance with the District Improvement Plan for 2006/2007, campuses may request scheduling of this online assessment for their entire faculty with the Technology Department through Jim Baldoni (407-0572). By appointment, a test administration setting(s) on the requesting campus will be scheduled and a testing proctor(s) assigned. The Technology Services staff member assigned to proctor the test will be responsible for preparing the computers to be used. The Basic and Intermediate proficiency level assessments will be available in November 2006. For more information about the online assessment, view the following tutorials:

Foundations Tutorial

Online Assessment Preview