Letter to Parents - Yearly Program Costs

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our program, a program that since 1976 has produced not only many electricians and electrical engineers but  many SkillsUSA State and  National finalists. Our program changes students’ lives. We are laying the career foundation for your student in the electrical industry.

A common question we get each and every year is; about how much does it cost on an annual basis for my child to be in the electrical program? That is a very valid question and the following is an attempt to address that question.

At the beginning of the school year SkillsUSA dues are paid. All students in the Electrical Systems Technology (EST) program are strongly encouraged to join SkillsUSA. The dues amount is $38.00, which pays for State and National dues, one dinner at the annual awards banquet, and an EST blue tee shirt with the EST logo on the back.

As a member of SkillUSA, your student will be one of more than 300,000 nation wide members. SkillsUSA’s mission is to empower its members to become world-class skilled workers and responsible American citizens.

We would like to encourage all of our parents and or guardians to join the MacArthur Electric Booster Club (MEBC), whose major role is to support the program by raising funds to help offset expenses used for Skills competitions, curriculum, tools and our annual awards banquet. MEBC membership dues, also due at the first of the school year, are $38.00 a year.

Hand and power tools are provided to the student for all lab work and competitions. Some students want to own their own tool pouch and tools to use at the competitions as well as to lend dad. If this is the case, the basic tool package usually cost about $145.00, keep in mind, this is not mandatory. During the year, hard working students have opportunities to win free hand and power tools at some of the different competitions and ceremonies.


District Competition: This competition is usually held in San Antonio at one of the high schools or community colleges. If your student qualifies to go to District competition there is a $25.00 registration fee paid to Skills USA that the student is responsible for. For that, the student will receive a SkillsUSA tee shirt and the opportunity to meet new friends and compete in their chosen skill.  Parents should plan to provide their student with either lunch money or a sack lunch from home as this is normally a full day competition.
State Competition: This competition is usually held in Corpus Christi, Texas at the American Bank Convention Center. If your student qualifies to go to State competition, there is a $50.00 registration fee paid to SkillsUSA that the student is responsible for. Transportation and hotel room costs are covered by the program in most cases. Parents will need to furnish their student with money for all food, which usually runs around $80.00 for the 2.5 days and any other miscellaneous spending money you think they may need.
In the past, some or all of these expenses, except for dues, have been subsidized by a strong  program booster club, and our business advisory committee.  It pays to get involved with the booster club and help with fun fund raising activities, so that parent out of pocket expenses can be reduced. It also helps to insure that students in financial need will not be left behind due to circumstances beyond their control.       
National Competition: If your student qualifies to go to National Competition,
congratulations!!, not many make it this far.
 Get ready for a week long event in Kansas City Missouri. There will be a registration fee paid to SkillsUSA. This fee is normally covered by a $500.00 per student fee the district gives the program to help defray cost. All transportation, meals and lodging expenses will be the responsibility of the parents. These trips are usually out of state and take place in the early the summer.

Letter Jacket:

Any student who has been in the program for at least 1 full year and will be returning to start their 2nd year, and is in good standing with the Electrical Systems Technology Magnet Apprenticeship Program, is eligible to purchase, at the students own expense, about $185.00,  an embroidered electrical program letter jacket less the “M” letter. The “M” letter is earned, much like athletics or band, and is a privilege and honor to wear.

“M” Letter:

In order for a student to qualify for a program “M” letter the student must be a second year student in the program, be passing all courses, they must participate in class and lab, be a current member of Skills USA and qualify to go to state competition. The “M” letter will be provided by the program and given to the student. Students winning at the state or national level will also receive from the program a Skills USA competition patch.
A student may earn only one letter while attending high school. Subsequent letters earned will be indicated by a bar, slash, pin or similar award attached to the existing “M” letter.
Always remember, as long as a student is at school and or in public and wearing a school jacket, they are representing MacArthur High School and the electrical program. So expect the student to wear the letter jacket with pride and to be a positive role model and advocate for Mac and the program.

I hope this helps explain, what some possible expenses could be. By parents participating in fund raising events some of these cost could be reduced or eliminated, so please get involved.
 If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 650-1100 ext. 397.




Steve Albert, Program Director


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