Parents, having electrical problems… we can help!

NO, we can’t fix your electrical problem at home, that’s illegal. We are currently training the electricians and electrical engineers of tomorrow who will be able to solve your electrical problems.
We are looking for students who like to work outdoors work with their hands and who take pride in their work. We’re seeking students who like challenges and are ready to start preparing for a really cool and exciting career.
Besides great starting wages and high employment demand, the construction trades cannot be outsourced to other countries like so many other jobs today. Parents love our program because it gives their student the basic technical skills needed to start becoming economically self sufficient…..wouldn’t that be neat. Our program also shows students the relevant practical application of what they are learning in their core classes.

In our program our students have the opportunity to join Skills USA, a national student organization. As a member of Skills USA students learn leadership skills and have the opportunity to compete in their skill at the local, District, State and National level.

Moreover, our students also take part in community service projects like Habitat for Humanity. They work hard, but they also have a lot of FUN.

Your student can start earning money, certifications, licenses and college credit hours that will give them a head start in pursuing a CAREER in the Electrical industry while still in high school, saving you time and money.

We look forward to having your student in Texas’s best electrical program.

 For information on how to be a part of this fantastic cool program that will REALLYprepare students for life after High School ….go to our web site and fill out the TAP Application, then contact Steve Albert, Program Director at 650-1100 ext. 397 to set up an interview, meet the teachers, and tour the labs.

The following courses are offered as part of the Electrical Systems Technology Magnet Apprenticeship Program:

  1. 6647PE  Principles of Architecture and Construction (Electrical Empasis)- 9th Grade – 1.0 Credit         
  2. 8154  Electrical Technology - 10th and 11th Grade - 1.0 Credit
  3. 8155  Advanced Electrical Technology – 10th and 11th Grade - 2.0 Credits
  4. 8248E  Practicum in Construction Management – 12th Grade – 2.0 Credits or 3.0 Credits
  5. 8310 Career Preparation I (CO-OP) - 11th and 12th Grade  - 3.0 Credits


Electrical System Technology 4 Year Plan
Introduction to Electrical/Electronic Careers
Electrical System Technology Apprenticeship

What happens after graduation?

Upon graduation, the apprentice has three options to complete the apprenticeship: continue working with the company and receive further training >attend a two-year college or training program while completing apprenticeship training enter a four-year college while continuing their apprenticeship training.


For more information on the Electrical Systems Technology Technical Apprenticeship Program contact:
Steve Albert, Director
MacArthur High School
(210) 650-1100, ext. 397


MacArthur HS site


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Skills USA


SkillsUSA serves trade, industrial, technical and health occupations students.

TAP Application


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