Why Apprenticeship?

Just what is apprenticeship, you ask? Good question! An apprenticeship is an opportunity while you are still in high school to learn a valuable profession while earning a paycheck.

For centuries, craftspeople have learned their trade through apprenticeships. Now, more than ever, skilled workers are in demand! Someone has to design, supply materials, engineer, and build the high rises, shopping malls, athletic facilities, homes and businesses.

Shouldn't that someone be you?

Youth apprenticeship programs offer students in the NEISD a course of study that brings together academics, work site learning, and paid work experiences--all before high school graduation. After high school, the student can enter a college or university, or a standard apprenticeship program at the advanced level.

Apprentieship training typically includes:

  • Apprentice level pay from an employer

  • Planned on-the-job training under proper supervision

  • Related classroom instruction; and

  • Training that last a specific length of time

Apprenticeships must follow guidelines through the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

At the MacArthur High School Electrical Systems Technology Technical Apprenticeship Program, we want to help you plan and realize your dreams no matter what school you currently attend. You will be able to attend MacArthur and participate in all extra curricular activities and transportation will be provided from your home school. Contact your counselor or MacArthur Electrical Systems Technology Technical Apprenticeship Program and TAP into your future.

Enrollment is limited! 


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