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 The Electrical Systems Technology Technical Apprentice Program started in 1976 at MacArthur High School and has run continuously at MacArthur every since. We are very proud of the program and proud of those students that have graduated and gone on to become engineers, electricians’ business owners and positive roll models in their communities.
The Electrical Apprenticeship Program provides the secondary student with exploration and preparation into the electrical field. Courses are designed to provide the student with basic understanding of electricity and how to size and install electrical wiring, switches and plugs according to the National Electrical Code.

Students in the Electrical Apprenticeship program are able to earn certifications and licenses while in high school. The students are able to obtain their state issued Electrical Apprentice License, are certified to install certain types of electrical cable and earn a 10 hour OSHA Construction Safety certificate. They will also have the opportunity to go to work for one of our business partners through the school to work program their junior and senior years.

Students in the electrical program can participate in any extracurricular activity such as sports, band or ROTC. We believe that these extracurricular activities are important to their high school experience and encourage them to participate.


Goals and Objectives

To encourage self-realization, inititive, & cooperation & to develop in each student desirable attitudes of citizenship pertaining to self-reliance, resourcefulness, & cooperation.

To encourage an interest in craftsmanship & develop a feeling of pride in achievement.

To encourage awareness of health & safety. To encourage technical skills & knowledge, & to develop in each student a measure of skill in the use of common tools & machines.

To ensure that each student has the opportunity to excell through a variety of educational methods. Objective

To prepare students for positions within the electrical industry.


Mission Statement

The mission of the MacArthur High School Electrical Systems Technology Magnet Apprenticeship Program is to provide students with the academic, theory, and interpersonal skills needed to achieve excellence in their electrical careers and to serve as the foundation for their continuing education.


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