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2014-2015 Clubs

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Meeting Dates
Other Info.

Active Eagles

Learn to play organized sports 2nd-5th Application then random drawing, students must have a S or higher in conduct.

Begins October 7th.

Every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays

3:00-4:00 PM

Ends May 26th.

Coach Hendricks

Mr. Ytuarte

Activities: Kickball, tetherball, dodgeball, basketball, badminton, etc.

Limit of 20

Art Club
Create ART across the different medians. K-5th

Application, must have passing grades and an S or higher in conduct.

Begins October 6th

Every Monday.

3:00-4:00 PM

Ends May 18th.

Mrs. Perez

Mrs. Huggins

Mrs. Ramirez

Mrs. Peche

$5 (cash only) material/supply fee per semester.

First 16 applicants.

Baton Twirling
Learn basic fundamentals, have fun, and twirl to music 3rd-5th Application, then random drawing of 15 names.

Every other Monday beginning Oct. 20th.

Ends June 1st

Ms. Wagner

Mrs. Williams

Limit of 15.

Participants provide their own baton.

Eagle Climbers
Learn to climb. K-5th Application then random drawing, students must have a S or higher in conduct.

Beginning Oct. 7th.

Every first Tuesday.

3:00-4:00 PM

Ending May 5th

Coach Hendricks

Mr. Ytuarte

Limit 15.
To learn simple & healthy recipes and to have fun with food. Kinder First 20 per semester. Once a month. See Google Calendar for dates.

Mrs. Barr

Mrs. Rich

Mrs. Hester

$5 cash only supply fee per semester.

Limit 20.


K-2 Game Club
Learn to play various board games and puzzles. K-2nd E or S in conduct.

Beginning January 8th, every other Thursday of the month.

Ending May 21st

Mrs. Behnke

Mrs. DeMers
Limit of 16.
Games & Puzzles
Dominoes, board games, and jigsaw puzzles. 3rd-5th E or S in conduct

Begins Oct. 6th, see Google Calendar.

Every other Monday from 2:50-3:45 PM

Ends March 21.

Mrs. James

Mrs. Randolph

Mrs. Chaloupka

Mrs. Morrison

Limit of 30
Morning & Afternoon safety patrols. 5th E or S in conduct, A's and B's Everyday Coach Hendricks Unlimited
Build and program NXT Robots 5th E or S in conduct, A's and B's

Begins Oct. 16th

Every Thursday

3:00-4:00 with other practices as needed.

Ends April 30th.

Mrs. Ridgway

Mrs. Kaman

Participate in spring NEISD Saturday showcase in May. (Date TBD)

Limit 16.

Work towards completing a 5K. K-5th All levels welcome.

Begins Oct. 9th.

Every Thursday through March.

3:00-3:45 PM

Ms. Pfeifer

Mrs. Reyes

Mrs. Myers

Mrs. Kelley

Limit 25
Soaring Eagle Singers
Sing in a choir. 4th-5th

Love to sing!

Must have good attendance and good conduct.

Begins Oct. 11

Ends Dec. 14


Check calendar for special dates.

Mrs. David See application for specific dates and othe info.
Instruction on fundamentals of string instrument 5th 5th graders only.

Sept.-April: Cello, Violin, Viola.

Mondays & Wednesdays at EP; String Bass Fridays at EP.

Student Senate
Service organization with interests in learning about government. 3rd-5th E or S in conduct, A's and B's.

Begins Oct. 21

See Google calendar for Tuesday meeting dates.

Mrs. Cheslock

Mrs. Turner

Mr. Shelby

Mr. Jentz

Selected by classroom grade level and voted by peers.


Lego Club
Build Lego challenges and have fun while working with and helping others. SS and 4th-5th

Invitation only.

Limit 20

Begins Jan. 8th

Every other Thursday.


Ends May 28th.

Miss DeLeon

Mrs. Gauntner

Mrs. Buswell

Leadership group that works with our special needs students. 5th Nomination and/or application process. Special Events and as time allows during each school day. Mrs. Myers  
Encino Bibliophiles
Promote and develop an appreciate to a wide variety of literary book selections. 3rd-5th E or S in conduct

Begins Oct. 8th


Every 2 weeks, 3:00-4:00

Mrs. Roberts Limit 25
Media Club
Students will learn to use different media to produce video/ads for school. 5th Application process.

Begins Oct. 6th



Ends Dec. 8th

Mrs. Chandler

Limit 12.

Must have parent clearance for media, video, and photo release through Parent Portal.


Cursive Club
Learn to write in cursive. 3rd-5th Passing grades, write a paragraph in best manuscript explaining why you want to learn cursive.

Begins Oct. 6th

Every other Monday.

Mrs. Luna Limit 15
Gaga Ball Learn the basics of Gaga Ball 3rd-5th First 20 to submit names per semester.

Begins Oct. 21st.

Every third Tuesday from 3:00-4:00.

Ends May 19th

Coach Hendricks

Mr. Ytuarte

Limit of 20.
KIDTECH Computer Classes
See Community Ed.
See Community Ed.
See Community Ed.
Conversational Spanish
See Community Ed.
Drama Kids International
See Community Ed.
See Community Ed.
TGA Jr. Golf
See Community Ed.