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4th & 5th Grade
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Structure of the Block
The purpose of this block is to teach readers to become fluent decoders and spellers.  Teachers address the needs of the students as they relate to the six goals for word growth and development.

Goals of the Words Block:



Goal 1:  The students will learn to spell for high-frequency, commonly misspelled words.  (See list below.)
Goal 2:  The students will learn how to decode and spell one- and two- syllable words that follow a pattern.  
Goal 3:  The students will learn to spell words with two or more possible patterns.  
Goal 4:  The students will learn to decode and spell polysyllabic words.
Goal 5:  The students will learn to use cross checking while reading and  writing.
Goal 6:
*for students who need enriching and extending
The students will analyze, evaluate, and appreciate words.

Words Block Activities

Word Wall
Procedures for  Instruction:
Teacher looks at writing samples to determine which words students need to work on.  The words are added gradually, approximately 8 to 10 per month.

Tips for Classroom Word Walls:
  • Features to consider:

    * Large and legible letters
    * Accessible to everyone in class
    * Usually in lower case
    * Cut into configurations 
    * Written on colored paper or backed with color paper
    * Designate words with valuable spelling patterns (Ex. star)
    * Display content words on theme boards or charts


High-Frequency Word List for
Fourth and Fifth Grade

Suggested List:  Words should be chosen based on common misspellings in students' writing.

about except people until
again excited probably usually
almost favorite really very
also first right want
always friends said was
another getting school wear 
anyone have something weather 
are hole sometimes went
beautiful I'm terrible we're 
because into that's were
before it's their what
buy  its then when
by knew there  where
can't know they whether
could laugh they're  who
didn't let's thought whole
doesn't myself threw with
don't new  through won
enough no to won't
especially off too  wouldn't
everybody one  trouble write
everything our two your/you're