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Eisenhower Middle School’s Mission Statement

The middle school years represent a period of transition between the elementary and high school years.  During these transitional years, our students experience changes brought about by adolescence that are physical, emotional, and social.  To be effective, we must address the physical, social, and emotional needs of our students in addition to providing for their academic achievement.  As our students move into the world of high school, we would have them be self-disciplined, self-motivated, and capable of intelligent decision-making. 

Each of our students possesses untapped potential.  By maximizing learning opportunities, setting high, yet realistic expectations, fostering self-esteem, and providing a safe and positive learning environment, we set the stage for turning potential into recognized achievement.

Computer Help
Google Drive Login Style for Students
and Staff

Help Desk (Work Orders)
NEISD Computer Service Center (Tips)
Projector/Elmo Repair
Student Privacy Widget (new SULU)
Tech Tips - Log On Issues
VPN Access Jumpstart

Health Services
Nurse Inservice 2011
Nurse Referrals
School Nurse
Vagal Nerve Stimulator Info

Computer Lab/Carts/Ipad Reservations
Computer Lab Reservation
Ipad App Approval Form
Ipad Reservation
Laptop Reservation
Student User Log Sheet

Critical Response Intervention Team

Custodial Requests
Custodial Request Form
Filter Cleaning
Request for Removal/Transfer (CRMS)

Curriculum and Instruction
Academic Dishonesty Policy
Campus Instructional Initiatives
Curriculum Day 2014
Electronic Resources Passwords
Grade Policy Handbook
Lesson Plan Locations and Times
Library Scheduling Page
New Video Approval Form
Student User Log for Laptops
Testing Calendar
Transfer Grade Conversion Calculator
Video Parent Permission Form
Video Policies and Procedures

PDAS Timeline Information
PDAS Waiver Information
Teacher Appraisal Calendar

Staff General Information
Administrative Duties
Badge Replacement
Birthday List
Copy Room Procedures
Copy Request Form
Discretionary Leave
Dress Code for Faculty/Staff
Eisenhower Extension List
General Warehouse Requisition Form
Ike Meeting Schedule
Ike Protocols
Office Depot
PO Requisition Form
SAF CAF Fillable Form
Supplemental Pay Form

Student Management
Discipline Database
Discipline Matrix
Dress Code Policy and Consequences

Dress Code Referral
Dress Code Referral with Matrix
Student/Parent Handbook
Tardy Policy Procedure
Tardy Procedures
Tardy Referral
Tardy Referral (Fillable)

Student Support
504 Information
Counseling Office

PALS- Peer Mediation Request Form
PALS - Peer Helper Request Form

Teacher Information
Acceptable Use Policy (Computers)
Attendance Procedures
Attendance Reporting Change Form
Bell Schedules
Calendar of Events Form
Department Chairs
Donation Letter/Form
Duty Station Responsibilities
Duty Station Roster
ELL Linguitic Accomodation Directions
ELL Liguistic Accomodations Form
Extra Curricular and Fundraiser Form
Faculty Room List
Field Trip Procedures
Field Trip Check List
Field Trip Permission Form
Grade Weighting Form
Lunch Schedules
Paper Ordering Form
Print Services Form

Sub Schedule Form
School Map
Student Log In Sheet
Teacher Expectations
Teacher Resource Center
Tech Committee Information

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