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NEISD Teen Driver Education Outline/Requirements and forms.


NEISD Outline/Requirements for Driver Education Program:

1. At least 15 years old on or before first day of class

2. Must be eligible for the TEA Verification form - obtain from high school currently attending

3.Completed registration and payment

Basic Steps for a Texas Teen Provisional License through NEISD:

Please note that all must be complete within 5 months of the first day of class.

1. Register and begin classroom portion

2. After the first module of instruction (about 4 days) students will receive a certificate for DPS to take the written test and obtain the Learner's Permit.

3. Begin in-car training WHILE completing classroom phase. You can not skip class to do any in car training.

4. Complete all 32 hours of classroom instruction. Please note that any missed class MUST be made up. State law: On fifth (5th) absence the student will automatically fail and be withdrawn from the course.

5. Complete the minimum 7 hours of behind the wheel in-car training with a licensed instructor AND document 20 hours (10 day hours and 10 night hours) for parent/adult log.

6. Take final in- car test with instructor.

7. Parent MUST come by office to pick up Completion Certificate to take to DPS for drive test to obtain the Provisional License.

8. Once student holds the Learner's Permit for a minimum of 6 months and is at least 16 years old, they can schedule the drive test with DPS to obtain the Provisional License.

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NEW DPS Rule effective 4-2-2012: Proof of Residency

DPS requires that all students pre-schedule the drive test to obtain a license. Please click here to choose a location to schedule the in-car drive test at DPS.

Texas Department of Public Safety

Texas Education Agency - Driver Education

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