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Last Name  First Name Title  Email Website
Alonzo Alma Teacher SPED Co-Teach aalonz2@neisd.net Web Page
Altamirano Mia Teacher 3rd maltam@neisd.net Web Page
Arenas Tiffany Special Education Assistant tarena@neisd.net Web Page
Arnett Nicole Teacher K narnet@neisd.net Web Page
Arocha Madison Teacher 4th maroch1@neisd.net Web Page
Banton Marissa Teacher ALE mbanto@neisd.net Web Page
Blanchard Stephanie PreK Instructional Assistant sblanc@neisd.net Web Page
Boggess Sylvia Teacher 3rd ESL sbogge@neisd.net Web Page
Bolanos Martha PreK Teacher mbolan@neisd.net Web Page
Boyd Debra Special Education Assistant dboyd1@neisd.net Web Page
Cantu Celia Cafeteria Manager ccantu@neisd.net Web Page
Castillo Amanda Teacher 3rd acasti54@neisd.net Web Page
Castillo Wendy Instructional Coach - Math wcasti1@neisd.net Web Page
Cates Margaret Teacher Music mcates@neisd.net Web Page
Colunga Norma Food Service Assistant ncolun@neisd.net Web Page
Contreras Katherine PreK Instructional Assistant kcontr1@neisd.net Web Page
Diaz Valerie Special Education Assistant vdiaz1@neisd.net Web Page
Dodson Caitlin Teacher K cdodso@neisd.net Web Page
Duncan Caitlin Teacher K cdunca@neisd.net Web Page
Escamilla Melissa Teacher 2nd ESL mescam5@neisd.net Web Page
Esquivel Rebecca Teacher 3rd resqui3@neisd.net Web Page
Felan-Herrera Rhonda Office Assistant - ES rfelan@neisd.net Web Page
Flores Leica Teacher SPED Co-Teach lflore3@neisd.net Web Page
Garcia Grace Assistant Speech Pathologist ggarci58@neisd.net Web Page
Gardea Patricia Teacher PPCD pgarde@neisd.net Web Page
Git Monique Teacher 2nd mgit@neisd.net Web Page
Goolsby Melissa Teacher 2nd mgools@neisd.net Web Page
Gutierrez Kimberly Special Education Assistant kgutie1@neisd.net Web Page
Haring Molly Teacher 1st mharin@neisd.net Web Page
Hartung Diane Instructional Coach - Science dhartu@neisd.net Web Page
Hernandez Juanita Food Service Assistant jherna93@neisd.net Web Page
Hernandez Angela Nurse a-herna1@neisd.net Web Page
Jimenez Lisa Teacher 4th ljimen1@neisd.net Web Page
Ledwig Holly Instructional Coach - ELAR hledwi@neisd.net Web Page
Lee Linda Teacher 1st llee2@neisd.net Web Page
Liserio Lucinda Data Processor - ES lliser@neisd.net Web Page
Martinez Martha Custodian mmarti157@neisd.net Web Page
Martinez Mayra Family Specialist/Parent Involvement Liaison mmarti140@neisd.net Web Page
Mathews Ashley Teacher 5th amathe@neisd.net Web Page
Mendoza Luciano Custodian lmendo4@neisd.net Web Page
Merlo Nelda Clinic Assistant n-merlo@neisd.net Web Page
Merlo Melissa PreK Teacher mmerlo@neisd.net Web Page
Miller Carmen Teacher 1st ESL cmille3@neisd.net Web Page
Morales Amanda Special Education Assistant amoral3@neisd.net Web Page
Murphy Jess Teacher SPED Co-Teach jmurph@neisd.net Web Page
Nungesser Kelli Principal - ES knunge@neisd.net Web Page
Ortega Doris Administrative Assistant to Principal - ES dorteg1@neisd.net Web Page
Ortega Raquel Special Ed Assistant rorteg6@neisd.net Web Page
Pena Georgina Instructional Assistant - PE gpena@neisd.net Web Page
Pineda Adrienne Teacher 5th apined1@neisd.net Web Page
Porter Paige Teacher 4th ESL pporte1@neisd.net Web Page
Prochnow Claudine Teacher 5th ESL cproch1@neisd.net Web Page
Rathjen-Swank Jane LSSP jrathj@neisd.net Web Page
Riou Patricia Teacher 2nd priou@neisd.net Web Page
Robles Noelia Teacher K nroble@neisd.net Web Page
Roland Andrew PE Coach arolan@neisd.net Web Page
Romero Sylvia Assistant Head Custodian - ES sromer8@neisd.net Web Page
Saldana Maria Food Service Assistant msalda@neisd.net Web Page
Santellan Jennifer Instructional Interventionist (IIT) jsante@neisd.net Web Page
Stevens Rose Teacher 5th rsteve1@neisd.net Web Page
Terrazas Jennifer Teacher GT jterra3@neisd.net Web Page
Vacek Patricia Counselor pvacek@neisd.net Web Page
Villarreal Jose Head Custodian - ES jvilla3@neisd.net Web Page
Wenner Carrie Assistant Principal - ES cwenne@neisd.net Web Page