Image titleCongratulations to the Ed White Orchestra members who participated this past weekend at the NEISD Solo and Ensemble Invitational.

All Ed White/DATA students who participated received a Superior rating on their solo performances. The Students who participated are:

Jennifer Almogla
Samantha Almogela
Isabella Calderon
Danielle Clish
Alejandra Cuevas
Kirsten Hall
Aaliyah Maysonet
Alicia Muhammad
Kaemon Pena
Alexia Perales
Remy Place
Abigail Rios

Extra congratulations to Samantha Almogela!!! She won the Judge’s Choice Award for Outstanding Performance for her solo.

Way to go Ed White Orchestra!!

Ed White/DATA - STAAR Testing Dates

For May...

STAAR 6-7th Mathematics

Monday, May 09, 2016

STAAR 8th Mathematics Retest

Monday, May 09, 2016

STAAR 6-7th Reading

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

STAAR 8th Reading Retest

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

STAAR 8th ScienceWednesday, May 11, 2016
STAAR 8th Social StudiesThursday, May 12, 2016
10 Things To Do Before the STAAR Test

10. Pack a good healthy lunch. Your angry, growling stomach may distract others from their test.
9. Study your study guide. No really, do it.
8. Record your favorite show to watch for later so you can go to bed early and get some good rest.
7. Beg someone to cook you a homemade breakfast complete with pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Come on, you need brain food.
6. Dress in layers. Too hot? Too cold? No problem here.
5. Plan on taking your time. What else are you going to do for four hours?
4. Bring one of those books that sit on your book shelf all the time, but you never read.
3. Plan on using strategies. Your teachers really do know what they're talking about!
2. Chant "I am brilliant!" ten times on your way to school to boost your confidence.
1. ALWAYS , ALWAYS, ALWAYS, remember to try your absolute best. This is your future we’re talking about.

10 Things NOT To Do Before the STAAR Test

10. DON’T stay at the bingo hall all night with your granny hoping to win BIG!
9. DON’T stay up talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend on the phone saying, "No, you hang up first."
8. DON’T eat a Snickers and drink a Monster for breakfast. These are Not brain food!
7. DON’T forget to take a shower before you come to school. Your smell can distract others from their test.
6. When a family member wakes you up DON’T burst out "Don't Wake Me Up", and then go back to sleep.
5. DON’T forget all the test-taking strategies your teachers spent the last seven months teaching you!
4. DON’T stay up all night watching TV, or using social media. Your brain won’t be happy, happy, happy the next morning.  REMEMBER!!!  Instagram and Snapchat will still be around after the test!  
3. DON’T try to be like Batman and sleep upside down all night.
2. DON’T try to get your dog to eat your study guide. Dude, not cool.
1. DON’T give up. Try your best, and you can succeed!

Congratulations to the PTA for receiving the Fall Increase Award and the Presidents List Award for 2015 - 2016
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In receiving the Fall Increase Award, Ed H. White Middle School PTA has recruited more than 100 percent of last year's total membership before November 30, 2015.In receiving the Presidents List Award, Ed H. White Middle School PTA has achieved active status with Texas PTA and recruited more members than they had all of last year!

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TECH TITANS take home awards at DATACONTech Titans

On Saturday January, 25 the DATA Middle School Team known as Tech Titans took home some awards at the 2nd Annual DATACON Games Competition.  For their game, PVP Medieval Battle, the team of Misty Gonzales (coach), Daniel Campos, Aaron Ramirez, Deviyus Roberts, Nathan Kimball and Connor Crump brought home 3rd Place for their game and also were awarded the Peoples Choice award.  Go DATA!!!!!

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Middle School Office Hours  Monday - Friday 7:45am - 4:15pm

Click below to apply online for DATA Middle School

Community Service Hours Log

The Design And Technology Academy (DATA) is a magnet program emphasizing career and professional readiness in the fields of Architecture, Visualization, Computer Science and Scientific Research. DATA provides a rigorous college preparation program building on key design concepts across the curriculum including content area and elective courses.

DATA is housed at Ed White Middle School in the back corner of the campus.Students from across the district, as well as students from outside the district, who meet required academic and behavioral standards, may apply for admission and are accepted based on a lottery system.

DATA has had a wonderful beginning, as our first group of 6th grade students entered the program in the fall of 2015. Over the next three years, DATA will continue to add an additional grade level until it is a full 6th - 8th grade program. The program will continue focusing on professional readiness in continuing on in DATA at Roosevelt. Our program will emphasize computer programming, coding, and information technology integration in core subjects as well as electives.

Please note that if enrollment exceeds the number of students allowed to be in the program a lottery will be held to select students for each grade level. Because this is a new magnet program at the middle school level, the program enrollment goal for each grade level must be met to provide appropriate staffing for the magnet program. If student enrollment for a grade level does not meet minimum district requirements, North East ISD reserves the right to not offer the program for that grade level for the 2015-2016 school year. Our goal is to meet all enrollment requirements to provide the program in all grade levels.

DATA Middle School Informational Video