North East ISD

Your Fourth Grader Should Be Able To....

• Explain the meaning of selected patriotic and cultural holidays and celebrations.

• Describe the basic human needs and ways people meet these needs in their family, community, state, and nation.

• Identify authority figures and understand the meaning of the rules they enforce. Give examples

of rules in the home, school, and community.

• Place events in correct chronological order in written, oral, or visual forms.

• Identify customs, symbols, and celebrations that represent American beliefs and principles. Explain their significance.

• Compare his or her life to that of a child living in another state or another country and distinguish between the type of life a poor child might have compared to a rich child.

• Explain the contributions individuals make to communities, past and present. Distinguish between economic and cultural contributions.

• Explain how technology affects communication and transportation. For example, the child can explain that a train links his or her home to the world. This involves understanding how railroads move people and products into and out of Texas and how they influence the economy, society, and geography of the state and nation.

• Locate the state of Texas on a world map and describe its relative location to the seven continents, four oceans, and several countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

• Describe the relative location of his or her community and its proximity to cities and regions in the state of Texas, the United States, and the Western Hemisphere (e.g., I live at the midway point between the Oklahoma border and Austin. I live two hours from the Gulf Coast. Texas lies north of the equator.).

• Take you for a walk in the grocery store and point out products that could be grown or manufactured in Texas, then explain the process required to get the product on the shelf. How do products that originate out of the state or the nation arrive on the shelves?

• Explain why he or she has to make choices because resources are limited. Cite examples of ways to increase or decrease available resources (e.g., bought a CD with allowance money rather than putting it in the bank to generate interest).

• Explain the functions of government and the roles of public officials. Discuss the ways their decisions affect daily life.

• Tell a story about his or her local community by collecting data from a variety of sources, analyzing it, and interpreting it in either a series of maps, an oral presentation, or a written narrative. Students can use a variety of media to help tell the story.

Texas Social Studies Frameworks, Chapter 8