North East ISD

Your Twelfth Grader Should Be Able To...

• Explain the reasons for U.S. involvement in other regions of the world after 1898, and how war, economics, and politics influenced the nature of the interactions over time, e.g., origins and evolution of U.S./Russian relations.

• Give an example of how domestic policy influences foreign policy or vice versa, e.g., the Cold War and McCarthyism.

• Analyze a newspaper story reporting abuses of civil rights and use it to explain the historical developments of civil rights legislation in the United States.

• Imagine the life of a young adult in civilizations on a given continent at any time, e.g., the Western Roman Empire, Mesoamerica, Andean South America, China, India, Japan, the Ottoman Empire, Nazi Germany, or the Soviet Union.

• Describe the society in which great political thinkers such as Hammurabi, Justinian, John Locke, and Thomas Jefferson lived and explain how it influenced their political ideas.

• Locate places on a world map that receive coverage in the media, describe the natural environment of the places and the ways political, cultural, and economic characteristics reflect the influence of climate, landforms, and ecosystems.

• Draw a map of the world from memory and use it to explain relationships of global trading partners and cultural exchange between selected countries.

• Identify bias in media releases that report on political parties, including third parties and special interest groups, and explain how this can influence public opinion.

• Consider the way his or her life as an American citizen in a constitutional system of government would differ if living in a country with a different form of government.

• Interact with groups in a socially responsible way.

• Use technology to gather information and interpret a particular point of view.

• Explain his or her role in decision-making processes related to spending money, allocating time, and being sensitive to other cultures and belief systems.

• Participate in formal and informal groups such as soccer leagues, student government, church groups, or other student organizations, and apply conflict resolution strategies when necessary.

• Explain how economic decisions he or she makes reflect the basic principles of the U.S. free enterprise system.

• Apply economic principles to decisions about personal property acquisition, e.g., make responsible purchases, understand how scarcity affects value, manage accounts in a financial institution, and understand how to evaluate economic activity.

Texas Social Studies Frameworks, Chapter 8