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NEISD Mathematics Curriculum

Second Grade Technology Resources

Unit of Study Resources
1. Number/Pattern
 hundreds chart
Animated Glossary of Math Terms
Attribute Blocks
Attribute Trains
Teaching addition with Base Ten Blocks
Teaching subtraction with Base Ten Blocks
Hundreds chart Excel
Hundreds square you can write on
Hundreds Square
Hundreds Chart with different colors
Number line
Number Line
Pattern block site
Math toy box with pattern blocks 
Pattern Blocks
Pattern Generator
Ten Frame on line
Venn Diagram shape sorter - choose your rule
Visualizing numbers of pennies
2. Statistics/Probability
Animated glossary of vocabulary terms
Bobby Bear outfit maker probability
Coin toss web site
Fish Tank probability
Make a graph web site 
Random Drawing Tool
Rolling dice web site for probability  



3. Addition/Subtraction/Patterns


number line

Animated glossary of vocabulary terms
Attribute Blocks
Attribute Trains
Color Tiles
Coin lesson  (PowerPoint)
Hundreds chart (Excel)
Hundreds Chart with different colors
Grouping and Grazing
Number line
Number Line Creator
Pattern Blocks
Pattern Generator
Patterns Game
Place Value Abacus
Place Value to the thousands
Place Value Charts
Sequencer for practicing skip counting



4. Geometry
Animated glossary of vocabulary math terms  
Attribute Blocks
Pattern blocks 
Venn Diagram Shape Sorter


5. Measurement
Animated glossary of math terms
Clock with 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, and 1 hour times
Hundreds chart (Excel)
Interactive clock
Pan Balances



6. Multiplication/Division


Animated Glossary of math terms
Fractional parts of a whole
Hundreds chart (Excel)

Additional Technology Resources


Coin counting game
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Pattern blocks, base ten blocks, and rods
Second grade math practice, all areas
Wonderful site with most any kind of virtual manipulative on it as well as serving as a whiteboard to write on.