North East ISD

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Education services are offered through three programs in NEISD:

Pre-Kindergarten is a standards-based class that introduces social, emotional and academic skills and concepts through research based, developmentally appropriate teaching strategies. Our classes are designed to support the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines that promote the use of playful, planful, and purposeful classroom methods. Pre-K is a half day (3 hour) class offered for children who meet one of six state qualifying criteria. Although children from all campuses in the school district enroll in Pre-K, our classes are offered at 18 clustered sites.

Kindergarten is a standards-based class where academic, social and emotional skills and concepts are taught full day in an active, enriching environment of high expectations. Children learn to read, write, problem solve and understand academic concepts that are the foundation to a quality education.

PPCD is for eligible students, ages 3 through 5, who have been determined by the ARD/IEP committee to require early academic intervention. Early childhood instruction that focuses on the individual needs of the child, along with the age appropriate academic standards is provided in the least restrictive environment.