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Dual Language Program


To Empower and Develop Bilingual, Bi-Literate Students.


  • Provide an opportunity for students to acquire a second language while maintaining their home language and culture.
  • Maintain Academic performance at or above grade level as measured by classroom grades, benchmarks, and TAKS
  • Develop high positive cross-cultural understanding



Campuses with DUAL LANGUAGE Implementation

Coker Elementary School
302 Heimer Rd
San Antonio, TX 78232
Phone: (210) 407-2200

Bilingual Specialist: Marcela Csitkovits

Colonial Hills Elementary School
2627 Kerrybrook Court
San Antonio, TX 78230
Phone: (210) 407-2400

Bilingual Specialist: Maria Elena Hillje

East Terrell Hills Elementary School
4415 Bloomdale
San Antonio, TX 78218
Phone: (210) 407-2800

Bilingual Specialist: Rosa Bass Rodela

El Dorado Elementary School
12634 El Sendero
San Antonio, TX 78233
Phone: (210) 407-3000

Bilingual Specialist: Shelly Knecht

Jackson-Keller Elementary School
1601 Jackson-Keller
San Antonio, TX 78213
Phone: (210) 407-4400

Bilingual Specialist: Myrna Rasmussen

Larkspur Elementary School
11330 Bel Air Drive
San Antonio, TX 78213
Phone: (210) 407-4600

Bilingual Specialist: Xochilt Vega

Olmos Elementary School
1103 Allena Drive
San Antonio, TX 78213
Phone: (210) 407-6000

Bilingual Specialist: Jaime Leal Sotelo

Regency Place Elementary School
2635 Bitters Road
San Antonio, TX 78217
Phone: (210) 407-6400

Bilingual Specialist: Herminia Alarcon

Stahl Elementary School
5222 Stahl Rd
San Antonio, TX 78247
Phone: (210) 407-7400

Bilingual Specialist: Emma Saldana

Steubing Ranch Elementary School
5100 Knoll Creek
San Antonio, TX 78247
Phone: (210) 407-7600

Bilingual Specialist: Guillermina Cunningham

Ridgeview Elementary School
8223 N. McCullough
San Antonio, TX 78216
Phone: (210) 407-6600

Bilingual Specialist: Juan Carlos Hernandez

Roan Forest Elementary School
22710 Roan Park
San Antonio, TX 78259
Phone: (210) 407-6800

Bilingual Specialist:April Muzquiz

Vineyard Ranch Elementary

16818 Huebner Road

San Antonio, TX 78258

Phone: (210) 356-7200

Bilingual Specialist: Valeria


Walzem Elementary School
4618 Walzem Rd
San Antonio, TX 78218
Phone: (210) 407-8400

Bilingual Specialist: Roxanna Rocha


ELL Specialist:

For more information about the Two-Way Immersion/Dual Language Program at North East ISD, please email Marie Mendoza at