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2007 Bond Project:
New Elementary School #46 - Vineyard Ranch ES

Project Completed
Project Details
New Elementary School with classroom capacity for 1000 students, core facilities capable of supporting 1200 students and a total facility program of 127,743 square feet. The project includes: (1) forty-five general instructional classrooms with grade-level workrooms and book storage areas; (2) one computer lab; (3) 10 pull-out classrooms including, two music rooms, four resource rooms, one speech room, two self-contained rooms and one OTPT room; (4) library and media center; (5) kitchen and cafeteria; (6) two gymnasiums with PE Office and athletic storage; (7) administrative & counseling offices and nurse station; (8) parking facilities for staff and visitors; (9) separate bus loop and parent drop-off / pick-up zone; (10) general playfield; and (11) playground areas supporting both upper grade and kinder programs.
Planning Estimate 1:
$ 34,025,000
Start Date:
November 15, 2010
End Date:
December 7, 2012
Photo Gallery:
Aerial Photos | Construction Photos
Garza Bomberger & Associates
Garza Bomberger and Associates
General Contractor:
Summit Builders Construction Company
Summit Builders Construction Company
Project Summary:
Property Map (PDF)
Bid Award Agenda Item (PDF)
Bid Tab - Base Bid (PDF) (upon award of only Vineyard Ranch)
Bid Tab - Combination Bid (PDF) (upon award of Vineyard Ranch / Knights Cross)
Project Summary (PDF)
Architectural Renderings (PDF)
Site Plan (PDF)
Floor Plans (PDF)

1 The Bond Planning Estimate represents the original bond program costs developed during the bond planning meetings (November 2006 through February 2007) for each project and includes: Design Fees, Construction Costs, Technology Equipment and Installation, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment and Construction Management Costs. The School Board "approved" construction budget can be found in the project Bid Award Agenda Item and represents any/all changes to the project resulting from the design development process and/or construction marketplace and inflation costs. Current Program Costs for each project are summarized in the 2007 Bond Budget Report.